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VER MAS...!!
Los Tops De Las Canciones
VER MAS...!!
2. You Wild Colorado - Johnny Cash
3. No Quiero Flores - Cadena Perpetua
4. My Immortal [Live] - Evanescence
5. Vino Nuevo - Vino Nuevo
6. I Know Him So Well - Richard Clayderman
7. Esta Noche - Pitbull
9. Jimbo No Jazz - Joao Bosco
10. Dame tu agua - La Fiesta
11. Imposible - Los Cafres
12. Damage Is Done - Lil Wayne
13. La Noche De Mi Mal - Chavela Vargas
14. Te Hago El Amor - Zion Y Lennox
15. More Than My Old Guitar - Merle Haggard
16. Imaginacin (Feat. Alexandra) - De La Ghetto
17. Y Tu Te Vas - Banda Registrada
18. Sheep - Pink Floyd
19. How Great Thou Art - Loretta Lynn
20. Delirio - Luis Miguel
22. Vuelvo A Respirar (Vallenato) - Adriana Lucia
24. La Piedra - La Perra Que Los Pari
25. Perdname - Los Panchos
26. El Telefono - Grupo Alegra De Chile
28. Cosas del Querer - Alazan
29. Tiempo De Vals - Angela Carrasco
30. Llego Tu Marido - Los Toros Band
31. Wicked World - Black Sabbath
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  • A hunter fires an arrow to fell the beast. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • A swamp chokes the air with a steamy mist. A strange beast calls from the bubbling mud. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • A wooden door opens onto the balcony that overlooks the monks at service. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • An ever present yet never seen cave-monster is said to dwell here. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • At the edge of the forest a church rings as a beacon to those lost and in danger. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • At the end of the caves daylight reveals a little - Our Worlds Sounds
  • Castle guards spot the returning hero and raise the portcullis to bid your entry. Life continues peacefully in the castle... for now. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • Having narrowly escaped the dragon you gather with other warriors to do battle with an evil warlord who has brought darkness to the lands of this king - Our Worlds Sounds
  • In the near distance the cathedral stirs to the sounds of lamenting monks. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • Opening a heavy studded door you leave the garden behind and climb the spiral stone stairs and cross the great hall. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • Opening a large wooden door you walk into the palace cloisters where a barrel-maker and craftsmen attend to their work. A wagon of goods is unloaded. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • The land rises sharply as you climb up and out int - Our Worlds Sounds
  • The lure of an angelic voice entrances those caught in the spell. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • The spells gather into an unearthly vortex of energy. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • With the battle won it is time you make haste across the feilds. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • You continue your quest and unlock the many gates leading down through a labyrinth of chambers and ancient passageways. - Our Worlds Sounds
  • You open the gate into the garden that leads to the cathedral. - Our Worlds Sounds

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